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Farmers & Local Gardeners

Food & Drink Trucks

Northern Utah has some of the best food trucks around. If you've never experience a food truck round up before, you're in for a treat, literally! From savory to sweet and other special treats, Layton F.E.S.T. will have some of the best grub in town on four wheels.

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About Layton F.e.s.t.

Layton F.E.S.T. is an open air market that brings together the best of Layton City and Northern Utah.  Each Friday night we bring farmers, entertainment, shopping, and food trucks together in one beautiful location, Layton City's Commons Park.

Layton F.E.S.T. will be held each 

Friday Night from 5:30 pm- Dusk, 

July 13th through August 31st.


It's no surprise Northern Utah is filled with great talent. Layton F.E.S.T. showcases different performers and entertainers each Friday Night. From musicians to dancers or other unique talents, Layton F.E.S.T. provides fun entertainment all night.

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Northern Utah and Layton City has a long history of farming and ranching. Layton F.E.S.T. was created to continue this strong heritage by bringing local farmers & gardeners together with the community to offer some of the freshest produce in the area. You can expect to find a variety of fruits, vegetables, artisan breads, honey, and other fresh produce.

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Shopping of all kinds

Layton F.E.S.T. creates one of the most interesting shopping experiences in Layton. Whether you're looking for home decor, clothing and jewelry, or handmade goods, Layton F.E.S.T. has a wide variety of vendors offering many different products and services.

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