F armers ntertainment S hopping  T rucks (Food)

How To Apply?

Layton FEST prides itself on being accessible and affordable to the vendors wanting to participate in Layton FEST.

Layton FEST is a great event bringing together business and community.

Why Become a Vendor?

Layton FEST has created a unique environment combining food, shopping, and fun each Friday night from 5:30 pm - Dusk running

     July 9th through August 27th.

Layton FEST stands for:




                                 Trucks (Food)

What is Layton FEST?

Applications will be accepted starting April 1, 2021 online or at the Parks & Recreation Office.

Application decisions will begin being sent out the week of May 31st.

(Email notifications will come from noreply@laytoncity.org,

and could be sent to your spam folder)

      To apply online, click on the type of vendor:

                   Farmers & Produce

                   Entertainment & Performers

​                   Shopping (Arts, Handcrafted, Retail)                         Trucks/Trailers (Food & Drink)