Layton Fest 2019 Performers

Hit 'N' Miss

Performing July 12, 2019

"Kylen Seely and Abbie Seely are a husband and wife duo from Northern Utah known as Hit ‘N’ Miss.  They discovered their ability and passion for making music together when they started dating ten years ago.  Now, married with two energetic children, they enjoy singing acoustic duets and solos from various genres.  They perform for community and social events all around the Intermountain West. This dynamic duo consists of one guitar, two voices, and a whole lot of fun.  Come enjoy what they have to offer as they play recognizable tunes that are sure to keep you tappin’ your feet and groovin’ to the beat!"

One Foot in the Grave
Performing July 19, 2019
"One Foot in The Grave is local Classic Rock cover band who play music with jammy variations.  They started playing together in 2011 and still love to play good "Rock and Roll" music together."

Grace Thomason

Performing July 26, 2019 (6-7 pm)

Grace is from Layton and will be starting 7th grade at North Layton Jr. High this fall.  She is a competitive tumbler, loves math, and music. Self-determined, she taught herself how to play the ukulele when she was 10 years old.  Her passion for music has now carried on to the guitar and performing on stage.

On Chord Academy

Performing July 26, 2019 (7-9 pm)

Dance Night

Performing August 2, 2019

Utah Irish Dance Company

Ballet Folklorico Tutulli

Breakthrough Studios Performance Troupe

The Movement Dance Center

Rise Academy of Dance


Performing August 9, 2019

Rising out of the greatest generation of Rock music, a timeless era where rock grew from a simple 3 chord shuffle to walls of sound that would blow your long hair back like the wind… We are RISER.

​Cristian and Cayden Corbett
Performing August 16, 2019

Cayden and Cristian Corbett are a musical duo from Roy, Utah. They have been performing together for almost 10 years. Musical accomplishments include winning Kaysville Idol in 2014, being chosen to open for musician Jake Miller, and have recently began releasing original songs on streaming platforms.

JD and the Brass Saddle Band

Performing August 23, 2019

We are JD and the Brass Saddle Band, a five piece country western band that got started in Logan, Utah. JD is an old school country western singer and songwriter. On lead guitar we have the country rocker Alex “killer” Schneider. On rhythm guitar and backup vocals we have “sweet” Kaylee Brown. On Drums we have “little Nik” Brown. On Bass we have “Big” Nic Renshaw. Our unique telecaster sound along with JD and Kaylee on vocals make our love songs emotional and our fast songs something to dance to.

Half Step Down

Performing August 30, 2019

​​After humble beginnings for a church Christmas performance, John Hawker (drums), Cody Carpenter (lead guitar), Mike Norton (vocals), Jason Steed (keyboards, everything else) and Dane Jackson (bass, vocals) decided to do more of the classic rock sprinkled with recent hits that crowds love.  Half Step Down can rock all the favorites you know and love! 

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